X光文章彙整(Posts collection of X ray)

 X光管構造(X-ray tube components)
 X光管外罩(X-ray tube housing)
  玻璃封閉體(glass enclosure)
 X光生成(X-ray production)
 X光射線管原理(theory of X-ray tube)
  X光射線管陰極(cathode of X-ray tube)
  X光射線管陽極(anode of X-ray tube)
   X光射線管陽極靶損害與維護(Damage and protection of X-ray tube anode)
   影響陽極靶壽命的因素(Factors that affect the life of the anode target)
 X光射線管拍攝種類(radio-graphic type of X-ray tube)
 X光臨界能量(Treshold Energy of X-ray)
 腳跟效應(Heel Effect)
 X光射線管其他損害(other damage of X-ray tube)
 線聚焦原理(Line Focus Principle)
 血管照影額定表(Angiographic rating chart)
  高壓電弧(high voltage arcs)
  尖峰千伏電位( Kilovolts Peaks, KVp)
  千電子伏特(CKilo-eletron Volt, keV)
  束縛能(Binding Energy)

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