Reflexive nouns in German、reflexivpronomen in Deutsch

Reflexive noun is used together with reflexive verb. Reflexive noun most is used in dative(Dativ) or accusative(Akkusativ) case, and it depends on the verb in the sentence. From first person to sixth person, only first(ich,me) and second(du,you) person are different in dative and accusative cases.
Using in accusative is more common.
Related reflexive verbs, please see:Reflexive verbs in German、reflexive Verben in Deutsch

  accusative(Akkusativ) dativ(Dativ)
ich(I) mich mir
du(you) dich dir
er/sie/es(he/she/it) sich sich
wir(we) uns uns
ihr(you) euch euch
sie/Sie(they/You) sich sich

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