Positive in German、Positiv in Deutsch

Positive in German is used to narrate the character of the person, thing and object. It also used as narrating the same character between two objects.

The below is usage of positive adjective in German.

1.General narrating
 Das Fernsehen ist teuer.(That TV is expensive.)
2.Comparison between two things
 A sein(be-v in German) genauso Adj wie B. A is as (Adj) as B
  Das Fernsehen ist genauso teuer wie das Handy.(That TV is as expensive as that cellphone.)
 A sein(be-v in Germannicht so Adj wie B. A is not as (Adj) as B
  Das Handy ist nicht so gut wie dieses Handy.(That cellphone is not as good as this cellphone.)

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